Another エピソードS 綾辻行人 感想

Another Episode S
Yukito Ayatsuji


The following contains spoilers!

What does the “S” in Episode S stand for?
Perhaps, Sakaki?
No, it might not mean just one thing, but possibly holds multiple meanings…

The world is the same, but the story doesn’t seem to connect much?
But since they are connected, Mr. Sakaki can see death.
That’s why he readily accepted that Mr. Kengo is a ghost!
Is it a trap that those who have read the previous work will fall deeper into?
Could this be an incredibly clever structure…?

Did Mr. Kengo fall in love with someone who is dead…
He wants to forget, yet he ends up forgetting.
He can’t even remember the name.
Ah, it must be really tough…
Since he knows the person is already dead, perhaps it’s inevitable that Mr. Kengo wants to get closer…
Hmm, knowing the person is already dead.
The dead that sneak in died in a disaster in the past, so maybe they could be identified by looking back through death records?
Hmm, even if he saw a photo, would he not remember because his memory is fuzzy…

There seemed to be a classmate of Sakakibara-kun with that surname…
Wait, Sou-kun has moved to Yomiyama…
He might get caught up in the calamity…

Is that Mei on the cover?
I hadn’t thought about it much, but was Mei also on the cover of the previous work?
If it’s the same person, the eye color seems different…
Is that just a stylistic choice?

Since there seems to be another work following this, I might read that one too.


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